20 Books Wholesale Bulk Books: The Million Dollar Bakery

The Million Dollar Bakery is a motivational and inspirational book about how Rebecca went from dropping out of highschool at 16 years old, moving out on her own to building a million dollar bakery business. It's how she turned her hobby into a million dollar business and how anyone can do it in any industry! This book is for anyone wanting to get out of their comfort zones and start creating the life they've always dreamt of. It has rave reviews on Amazon! 

This wholesale rate is for anyone wanting to carry the book in your shop. 

The cost is: $13.00 per book wholsale & retail price is: $22.97 

You would make a profit of approx: $10.00 per book!

Help to change lives of your shoppers by adding The Million Dollar Bakery to your shelves.