Win $500 With My January Birthday Lock Down Challenge

Lock down got you down? I hear ya! That's why I decided to make a 23 day lockdown challenge where one lucky winner will win $500 to Chick Boss Cake- that's like, a lot of cake. The best part is that the date the lock down is supposed to end is on my birthday- January 23rd, so I thought it would be so fun to celebrate the end of lockdown on my birthday by giving someone $500 to Chick Boss Cake!

Obviously, I have no idea if the lock down will actually end on that date or if they'll extend it like they've done before but what the heck! That doesn't matter. Let's just make the best of it together shall we? 

The prize: 

$500 to Chick Boss Cake. Winner will be drawn Jan 24th!

The rules: 

Here's the deal, I'm going to post 23 things you have to do each day from January 1st until January 23rd. You just have to post a picture or video on your Instagram feed of you completing the tasks and use this hashtag:   #chickbosscake500 so I can verify you completed it! Each day you complete one of the challenges, it will count as an entry. All the names will be entered into the draw & a random winner will be selected, so the more entries the better! Try to complete all 23 for the best chance at winning!  If you miss a day, don't worry just make it up the next day & complete both tasks. It's lockdown and you've got nothing better to do, so let's have some fun! 

The challenges:
Remember, each challenge must have a picture or video posted to your Instagram account using the hashtag: #chickbosscake500 in order to be entered to win!

Jan 1: Share this contest & encourage everyone to participate!

Jan 2: Share a photo/video from this past year where you were happy & tell us what you were doing in the caption.

Jan 3: Post a photo/video of you starting your New Years Resolution.

Jan 4: Mail a letter to a family or friend to remind them you're thinking of them & they're not alone. (Post a photo of you doing this).

Jan 5: Share the first thing you're going to buy from Chick Boss Cake if you're the winner.

Jan 6: Do something kind for your neighbor (leave them a treat or card on their porch or shovel their driveway)

Jan 7:  Show everyone how you're making the best of the lock down.

Jan 8: Share what you're the most excited about doing once the lock down is over.

Jan 9: Share with us what you've learned last year that you're going to do differently this year?

Jan 10: Show us your favourite exercise move so we can try it!

Jan 11: Share your favourite healthy meal to make.

Jan 12: Show us what you're doing as part of your self care today!

Jan 13: Post a photo of someone who inspired you last year & share what you learned from them.

Jan 14: Go for a walk in nature & share a photo or video.

Jan 15: Build a fort in your living room & take a photo or video in it.

Jan 16: Bake something delicious & share your recipe with us!

Jan 17: Organize an area of your house you've been putting off & share the end result. 

Jan 18: Share your best motivational tips with us on how to stick to your goals this year.

Jan 19: Go for a drive to treat yourself to a tea or coffee & pay for the person behind you.

Jan 20: Share something about yourself that you're the most proud of.

Jan 21: Call or text a friend to tell them how special they are and share the reasons why.

Jan 22: Share what you're grateful for today.

Jan 23: Today is my birthday, share your favourite birthday memories!

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