These Women Are Not Criminals

These are not mugshots of women who have committed a crime; however, it

would have been criminal if limiting beliefs, negative self talk or criticism

from others kept them from chasing their dreams and starting their own


Meet this London-based female networking group : Aligned Women. This group

was formed just prior to the Covid 19 pandemic. Its purpose was to have a small

tight knit group of female entrepreneurs come together in a safe, confidential

space to discuss challenges, share ideas, support one another and work on

personal and business development as a group. There could not have been a

better time to start a group like this according to its members. Each member has

changed the way they think and feel about women as there is no competition, no

gossip and no judgement. Recently they came together to be photographed

wearing t-shirts that they individually designed with a limiting belief or fear based

thought that could have kept them starting their own business. On the back, how

they overcame it and did it anyway. Meet the Aligned Women; (in order of photos)

Sarah Poirier, a London Realtor, could have let the fact that the London St.

Thomas Association of Realtors currently has over 1500 Realtors stop her from

starting her business over 11 years ago. She knew that becoming a Realtor was

the right move for her and knew there was enough for all. Her ABUNDANCE

MINDSET has allowed her to attract and connect with her clients.

Instagram - @sarahpoirier_realtor

Jessica Stewart, a Registered Massage Therapist of 18 years and a High Level

Leader with doTERRA has heard much too often that natural products and

services are too expensive; however, in working with her clients and customers

she demonstrates their unique value and has seen how life changing using

doTerra products can be and that YOUR HEALTH IS PRICELESS. 

Instagram - @essentialvibesliving

Rebecca Hamilton, Owner of Chick Boss Cake is an inspiration to anyone who

comes into contact with her and has gone from being a High School Drop Out to teaching 

herself everything she knows about running her bakery business. She

recently wrote a tell all book about how she is living the life of her dreams and


Instagram - @rebeccachickbosscake

Lisa Siemens, Co-Owner of Tenfold Properties pivoted during the pandemic and

took a huge risk in closing a long time business she ran, to open a Real Estate

media company with her husband. Some would think that making a move like that

would be too risky. For Lisa, she trusted her instincts and knew that if there were

NO RISK there would be NO REWARD.

 Instagram - @tenfoldproperties

Jami Sparling, Owner of BryCo. Interiors, started her business after being a

paramedic for 11 years. She was told that when it comes to business “it’s all

about who you know!” Jami didn’t worry about knowing the “right people” or

having the “right connections” - she started her business based on the fact that

she could say - I KNOW MYSELF. 

Instagram - @Bryco.interiors

Kelsey Watkinson, is the Co-Owner of Curley Brewing Company and left a job

with consistent income to work along side her partner in life and business and

has such a passion for their Hyde Park Road Brewery. For Kelsey, it’s all about


Instagram - @curleybrewingco

-Sarah Poirier

Realtor @ Leading London

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