Sales Are #1 & They Trump Everything

Sales trump everything.

I know you're going to argue well what about products, staff or everything else involved in running a business Rebecca? Well... Those are definitely important components of running a business but my friend, you WON'T HAVE a business in the first place if you do not have sales.

Let me repeat this key point again: If you don’t have sales you do not have a business. Sales are more important than top of the line equipment, a great business plan, the design & layout of your store, web design or the colour of your business cards. It’s easy to get caught up in all those other things because running a business is fun & dynamic and there’s so many areas to shift your attention to… Don’t get distracted & don’t take anyone else’s advice if they’re telling you that sales aren’t the absolute most important part of your business. Sales are everything. If you let other things distract you, you will be out of business before you know it! 

Ok, Rebecca we get it! Sales are key, but how do we get sales?

Glad you asked!

Sales are simply you exchanging a product or service that people need for money. Make sure the product or service you’re selling is solving some kind of problem for your customers. Tell them how and why it’ll make their lives better by buying it. Show them why they absolutely need to have it in their lives. I think Grant Cardone says it best in his book called “Sell or Be Sold”: you’re either selling to someone or they're selling you their excuses as to why they won't buy it. Think of all the reasons people come up with to not buy your product and then you should come up with great counter offers to their excuses.

Money & sales come from people, because people are the creatures that carry the currency. So, the more people you surround yourself with, the more potential buyers you’ll have. One important thing I think a lot of people miss when it comes to sales is, don’t sell to people, sell for people. The more you genuinely care about the people you’re selling to, the easier you’ll be able to explain the benefits that they’ll get from what you’re selling! The best sales are made upon building genuine connections & relationships since that’s what will ultimately lead to lifetime buyers. The more authentic you are, the more long term sales you’ll get.

Another important point of selling is, making sure you always over deliver. Don’t just meet expectations- exceed them! There’s many ways to do this, you could include a bonus gift, over the top service, go out of your way somehow to make it a memorable experience for them. Customers expect to receive a certain level of customer service, but when you go over and above that, then that’s when they’ll become fans and tell all their friends & family about you! That’s ultimately what you want, other happy customer’s selling for you because you gave them something to rave about!

Also, always always always follow up in all situations! If you didn’t get the sale, follow up with the customer to see if they're still interested or why they haven’t bought yet. If they did buy your product or service, then follow up with them after to see how they liked it. Yes, it might seem uncomfortable to open yourself up to feedback but it's truly important & the most valuable way to learn how to improve!

When it comes to sales, you don’t get what you don’t ask for!

If you truly believe in your brand or product, you’ll feel like it’s a disservice to anyone who doesn’t buy it. If there is anything else I can help you with regarding sales or business shoot me and email at:

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