News Flash: Money Actually Does Buy Happiness

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Oh shoot. I think I may have struck a chord with some people on this one... 

Well, I think that's what some people actually like about me... Because I like to 'tell it like it is' & share my personal thoughts & opinions without fear of offending someone. 

It's not for everyone... I'm not for everyone. Luckily, I'm not trying to BE for everyone. 

The fact is, money buys you time. Time to do things that make you happy & fill your soul. You're either trading money or you're trading time, so the more money you have the more time you'll be able to buy.

First of all, why is money such an uncomfortable topic? It's such a common fundamental part of our society, yet it makes people sweat having a simple conversation about it. It makes people feel awful to admit that they want, like, or love money. If you all didn't love money & want more of it (or at least love what money provides) why the heck do you go to work every day??? 

I mean, seriously. It's so weird to me that people get flustered when this topic comes up. Anyone I've ever talked to about money always has to follow the conversation with "but money isn't everything & it doesn't buy happiness". 

Sorry, what? 

Why do we even feel the need to 'follow up' with a statement like that as if the other person is judging us for talking about a common currency that keeps our society going, feeds our families, provides a cozy roof over our heads, allows us to travel & explore the world and oh yeah, BUY PETS!! I don't know about you, but the most obvious form of  money buying happiness is my 2 dogs that cost me MONEY to purchase them. Have kids? What about the diapers, formula, top of the line hospitals to give birth in, Pinterest-worthy nursery? Did any of those things come for free? NO. Not even the top of the line hospital that we pay taxes for! 

I think this saying got misconstrued down the lines of communication. Remember that game you'd play when you were a kid called 'telephone' where you're sitting in a circle and one person starts by whispering a message and the next person tries to say the same message to the next person? I think the same thing happened with this message. Someone started by saying something like "Money isn't the only thing that provides happiness, in order to live a truly fulfilled life a human also needs love & connection in conjunction with money. All of those things combined creates happiness & fulfillment." I'm pretty sure that's actually how the conversation went, at least that's what I'll tell myself because that's what I believe. 

Money isn't a replacement for love & connection, it's an equal. It's just as important. If society wasn't set up to run solely on the currency of money, then perhaps my opinion would differ. The fact is, that money just happens to be the currency that we, as humans exchange for fundamentals like shelter & food. Thus, making it essential to our existence. 

You always hear people saying 'oh money changed him' or 'yeah my great aunt is loaded and she's such a terrible person'. Listen, money is powerful but it's important to note that it is a tool & nothing more. It doesn't have the power to make someone a bad person or a good person. It's impartial because it's simply a tool. It's how people use the tool that makes them a good or bad person. Having a little or a lot of money has absolutely zero to do with anything other than the fact that you either have a little or a lot of money. I heard this saying recently from Sara Blakely where she said that money just makes you more of the same person that you already are. In other words, if you're a kind, generous, grateful person, you'll be just that except with more money. Same goes if you're a greedy, mean, angry, spiteful person, you'll still be that same person just with more money. 

Another reason you may have a bad relationship with money is because you judge people that have it. Judging people for anything is a direct reflection of your own insecurities. So, if you find yourself uttering comments about people on Instagram that you don't even know like "Oh yeah, she thinks she's such a big deal because of the car she drives" or      "He must be such a jerk, look at him flaunting all this money". News flash, you don't even know them. You're judging them because you don't have those things & you want them. You're jealous and letting your insecurities try to convince you that money = evil. Pay attention to anytime you start judging someone else for anything- their appearance, their life, their partner, their car, their house- you'll notice that you're just trying to make yourself feel better & less insecure about the areas that your life is lacking. 

I believe in the law of attraction & manifestation. So if that stuff freaks you out, sorry not sorry because it actually works (provided you put in the work). So if you're constantly feeling insecure and telling yourself 'money doesn't buy happiness' to try to make yourself feel better, you're just pushing it further away. Keep saying how much you don't want it or need it & you'll never have it...Which I guess is what you 'say you want' but I think you're just saying that to try to 'fit in' and because you think it's the 'polite thing to say'. What would happen if you stop pushing money away & start manifesting it instead? I'm going to assume you think you're a good person otherwise you wouldn't be reading my blogs because well, I doubt evil master minds are interested in reading my life & business blogs. So, if you're a good person & you start manifesting money, what would happen? That's right, you'll be a good person with more money! Does that not mean that your family would be better taken care of and have less stress and worry? Does it mean your kids could go to a better school? Does it mean you can volunteer your time more often to causes that matter to you? Does it mean that you'd be able to afford larger donations to the charities you personally care about? Does it mean that instead of working 3 different jobs you can scale back to take time to spend with your family? I'm pretty sure it does. See, money allows you the opportunity to be able to focus on the love & connection part of life. That's why they're all so equally important. If you don't have money or pretend to not care that you don't have money, you'll have less of it resulting in you having to work harder and longer with less time & energy to enjoy your life and all the meaningful things in it. 

Next time someone says money doesn't buy happiness, send them this blog & remind them of this philosophy. It might just change their perspective and it could even change their life!

A couple of my favourite people to learn how to manifest money & have a guilt-free relationship with it are Grant Cardone (I'm wearing his merch in the image above). He's very straight forward & aggressive in his approach. While his personality might be 'too much' for some people, there's a lot you can learn from him. I personally love his 10X conferences- Chad & I have watched them all. They're great! 

The other person is Jen Sincero. She has a great book called 'You Are A Badass At Making Money". She talks about her own personal struggles she's overcome in regards to her relationship with money. I loved this book a lot & she's a very entertaining writer. She'll make you laugh! I highly recommend.

Remember, money is a tool & tools are used to build things. Manifest the money & stop feeling guilty about it! Stop talking negatively about it & pushing it further away! Use this tool to build your empire so you can help advocate for world issues that you're passionate about. The world needs more kind, grateful, generous, caring people in the world who have the money to change it! 

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