My 8 Business & Life Values


These are my top 8 values that I’ve found to be essential in both my business & personal life!




Honesty & trust will be paramount to your success in business & in life. I truly believe that a life anchored by integrity will be a fulfilling one & will be a magnet for success & endless opportunities.


Integrity means always doing the right thing even when no one is around, even when it’s not the easiest choice. Call it “Karma” or “what goes around comes around”, but girl, that stuff is real! Don’t think for a second you're going to achieve a happy, fulfilled life without integrity.




Be a goal-digger!


It took me a while to fully understand the true benefit of goal setting. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been motivated and driven but without set goals, the work I was putting in wasn’t always getting me where I wanted to go. The reason being, if you don’t have goals, girl you lost! In the woods. With no compass. No smartphone. No Starbucks. NOTHING. If you don’t set a goal to get out of the woods, you’ll be walking in circles.




You need to set clear goals in order to plan your route & track your progress. Once your goals are set (and written down in specific detail), everything you do daily should be getting you a step closer to your goals.


Keep yourself in-check & ask yourself if what you’re doing daily is inline with your goals, if it’s not- stop doing it or re-align your goals!




Inspiration is life.


Think about it, if you’re not inspired to do something how do you feel when you’re doing it? Yuck! Of course there’s going to be things that don’t spark inspiration that still need to get done (take, doing the dishes for example, because in my industry there’s a lot of them). If you’re human, you probably aren’t naturally inspired by doing the dishes. Now think about how you feel when you’re inspired to do something? For me, it’s a magical feeling of wonder & excitement. Quite the contrast!


Aim to spend 80% of your day on things that inspire you & 20% on things that just simply need to get done.


You will feel happier, more fulfilled & have more positive energy to crush your goals! When you’re inspired, you’ll inspire.




“If you’re not growing, you’re dying”- said every single successful person everywhere. This quote is applicable for both business & in life.


Think about you when you were 14, imagine how different your life would be right now if you didn’t grow & develop at all since that age. Yikes. You’d be walking around with your know-it-all attitude, trying to win mother of the year for your tamagotchi and singing Mmmbop into a hair brush…or was that just me?


You need to be growing & challenging yourself in order to ever achieve greatness. You’ll never reach new heights, push new boundaries or be presented with abundant opportunities by remaining stagnant (google the definition of stagnant- you’re welcome).


Don’t set up shop in your comfort zone unless you plan on being a prisoner there forever. If you’re locked up there right now, it’s time to get inspired, set your goals & plan your prison break!




Girl, when you hit your goal this is called an a-c-h-i-e-v-e-m-e-n-t! 


Repeat that first sentence for me.


I too, was guilty of ignoring this step for WAY too long. I had that same “Ok, but what’s next” attitude. Stop it right now. Don’t downplay your achievements, celebrate them! This should literally be the easiest, most fun part of your journey & if it’s not you’re doing it wrong! Think about it, why do you set your goals in the first place? Hello! To ACHIEVE them! It sounds super obvious but I know 98% of you skip this step the way I used to. Naturally, as a highly motivated person, you want to skip right to the next goal. Let’s compare that to skipping dinner & going right to dessert (see, if I had no integrity I would totally condone this considering the industry I’m in) don’t do it, you’re not going to feel good!


Listen, you’re a human being with feelings & emotions, you need to feel! Feel the sense of accomplishment, feel the pride, feel the success, Feel all the emotions that accompany achievement. Share those feelings with your friends, family & customers. Pour the red, white or whiskey & cheers to it! Feel it. Share it. Cheers it. Ok, now you can carry on to your next goal.


6. Success


Do not for a second think that my definition of success should define yours (or anyone else’s)! 


Success looks so different to everyone. You get to define what success looks like to you. Maybe it's a beautiful healthy family of 6, maybe it's travelling the world, maybe it's the house of your dreams, maybe it's more money, maybe it's more time…


Whatever it is, be honest with yourself & what it means to you. Your dream home could be a cabin in the woods & another’s could be a condo in NYC. Get clear on what success looks like for you because this is the absolute core of what’s going to motivate you to keep going when things go sideways. Write down what success means to you or better yet, create a vision board that you can see every day and be so extra with it. The more specific, the better because then when you achieve what you have personally defined as success you’ll genuinely be excited about it. Make sure to celebrate the successes of all magnitudes. don’t just have the mentality of “When I make a million dollars I will feel successful”. Even IF making a million dollars would make you feel successful, have gratitude throughout the journey and celebrate all the smaller achievements of success such as increasing your sales this year (which is ultimately one step closer to that million dollars).




“Stop expecting & start appreciating”- this quote will literally change your life.


Start practicing this daily, then teach your kids, husband, wife, staff…teach everyone who will listen! The world needs so much more gratitude and so much less entitlement. What are you grateful for? Write it down. Yell it out loud. Draw pictures, whatever you have to do to acknowledge these things, do it! I think you’ll be surprised at how long your list might be. Now try to feel bad WHILE feeling grateful at the same time. I don’t know about you, but it’s pretty much impossible for me! Gratitude is your best friend, it will serve you well & never let you down. Entitlement is Gratitude’s enemy. How many times have you felt entitled by thinking to yourself “They should have done this!”, “I would never do that”, “If I were them…” NO! Stop! This is the biggest ugliest, mindset mistake, in my opinion, in the human race & everyone is guilty of it. Including myself. The important thing is, how you respond to yourself when you have these thoughts. the second I have one of those ugly “I wouldn’t/They shouldn’t” thoughts, I just HAVE to poke some fun at myself and go: “That’s hilarious Rebecca. They clearly aren’t me (where’s the purple hair), they’ve walked a completely different path than I, with different values & beliefs. It’s so ridiculous that I would even think they would act like me.” because it's true! Why do we feel so entitled that the way we would/should do things is the one and only way to do them? Be grateful that you may handle situations differently and have a sense of empathy for where that person is coming from.


When you lose the expectations and start appreciating, watch your life change.


 8. Fulfillment 


While success may be linked to some or all material things, depending on your personal definition, fulfillment is not a commodity. 


Fulfillment is the all encompassing feeling when everything in life aligns in a way that personally gives you a sense of purpose or meaning. In order to feel fulfilled you’ll need to dig deep & answer some honest questions: 


What is your purpose? 


What are your values? 


What are your beliefs? 


 Be specific in your personal definitions and once they’ve been defined, notice if there are any areas you’re not actively engaged in.  


When you’re living a life in line with your purpose, values & beliefs, naturally you’ll feel fulfilled.

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