How To Be Successful Working For Someone Else

Let me just put this out there... Entrepreneurship is NOT for everyone. 

It's also not what most people expect it to be. They have expectations of making tons of money, having endless free time, work when you want, work where you want, golf when you want, all in perfect harmony with family & life balance... Man. That's so not how it goes! Sure, some of those perks come with time (and extremely tough sacrifices) but also, you may fail before you even get there.

So, why is everyone's vision of 'what entrepreneurship is' such a fairytale?

The answer is simple. People only start to recognize successful people after the people have gotten successful. They see successful people as an 'overnight success' instead of bearing witness to their entire journey of failures, grinding, saying 'no' to nights out with friends & working endless days that end up carrying on late into the evening...

I truly love everything about entrepreneurship...Ok well not everything. But I wouldn't trade it, I was made for it...But it's not for everyone.

It's probably not for you if:

 ✅ You like to only work 40 hours or less a week
 ✅ You want to maintain a regular & reasonable family & life balance  
 ✅ You enjoy sick days, vacation time & other employment perks 
 ✅ You can't handle the high stress & responsibility involved in running your own business 
 ✅ You aren't self motivated or naturally driven daily 

Ok, so you've determined that you value your family & life balance and working a regular 9-5 schedule with 2 weeks paid vaycay... But does that mean you're doomed to not reach your full potential & be successful? Heck-to-the-no! 

As an entrepreneur & business owner, it's equally as important to me that my employees feel that they have the opportunity to be successful working for me. It's important to me that they have a sense of unlimited growth & earning potential based on their level of commitment, length of employment & dedication to my company and the overall effort & flexibility that they're willing to put in.  

So, I'm going to share my top tips for how to be successful working for me or another company, and believe me, it comes with it's own unique set of perks! 

1. Make sure the company values line up with yours! If your personal values don't line up with the company you're working for it's not a good fit regardless. Example if you're vegan and your values are the wellbeing of animals, it's probably not a good fit to work at a steak house. 

2. Get noticed (in a good way). Make sure no matter what your actual job duty is, you're the BEST at it. Be exceptional at that specific task. Think of ideas to do it more efficiently & save the company time & money... This will get you noticed. 

3. Be vocal & speak up. Ask your manager for specific detailed instructions on what they need to see from you in order to move up in the company. Then, ACTUALLY do them! Do them better than anyone else there. Make sure you're constantly checking in with your manager to see how you're doing and if adjustments need to be made.

4. Those policies & procedure handbooks? Go get them out of your recycling bin- like right now! These are what the company is built upon & your greatest insight to what's expected of you. They're basically the commandments of the business you work for and your greatest asset! You need to study them like there's no tomorrow & exemplify them daily. Know them better than anyone else & don't be shy to help any of your co-workers if you see them not following along. 

5. Take care of yourself physically & mentally. Moving up in any company means greater pay which is always exchanged for greater responsibility. You need to be in optimal wellness in order to handle the additional stress, deadlines & responsibilities that come with achieving success. Regular exercise, a healthy diet, meditation, reading & any self development activities are all ways to keep you in tip top shape mentally & physically! 

6. Don't be afraid to ask for a raise....But do come prepared! There's nothing wrong with straight up asking for more money, but make sure you have a well derived plan as to the value you're going to add in exchange for more money. Not only do you need to tell them what you will do in exchange for the raise but you better be prepared to show them! Chances are they will set you up with a period of time where you will need to show them you've got what it takes!

At Chick Boss Cake, we give out raises in 2 ways: 

This type of raise is an annual raise based on your performance throughout the year. All you have to do to get this raise is be the best at your job, follow our policies & procedures, be passionate about our business & brand, and have a phenomenal attitude!  A loyalty based raise is a way for the company to say thank you for all the work you've already done & that they trust you will continue to maintain your work ethic throughout the next year also. 

This type of raise is where you will be expected to take on greater responsibility & more complex job duties in exchange for more money. 

7. Avoid gossip. People who gossip & create drama have a zero percent chance at moving up anywhere. No reputable CEO or manager will think too highly of this personality trait, so best to knock it off and move on to develop some better (more useful) qualities.

8. Be the first one at work & the last one to leave. Don't underestimate the value of this.

9. Ask your manager or boss if they need help before they ask you. Your willingness to offer help outside your regular duties will get you noticed in all the right ways. Your manager already has too many responsibilities & believe me, they'll appreciate it & they'll notice! 

10. Take the initiative. Always. At every opportunity. 

11. Be receptive to feedback. The more receptive you are to feedback the more successful you'll be! Remember that when you get feedback, you're being told very specifically what the company needs to see from you- treat it as a gift & work on your areas of weakness. 

12. Show gratitude toward your boss, coworkers & company daily! Did you get the day off you wanted? Get your vacation approved? Did your boss buy you lunch? Did you get a raise? Receive a gift from the company? News flash: They don't have to do that stuff & if you want to continue getting the extra perks, you'll definitely want to show appreciation and gratitude towards them. When you express gratitude towards people you work with, not only will you stand out, but you'll actually feel happier yourself!

13. Attitude & willingness is key. In this awesome book I am currently reading called "Think Like A Monk" by Jay Shetty he shares the concept of the "Three Cancers of the mind" in which to never engage in: Complaining, Comparing & Criticizing! I couldn't agree more. 

If you're doing all these things & still not getting anywhere you need to be honest with yourself. Is it because you 'think' you're doing them well when really you need more help? Ask your manager for an evaluation to see where you're at. I  can't speak for all companies, but any company who genuinely cares about their employees wants to see them grow & succeed!

By following these tips you'll be well on your way!  

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