Enneagram. Why You Need To Know Yours

The enneagram is basically the ultimate personality test. It’s the key to truly understanding yourself and the people around you. 

So, why is it important? 

Because, if you’re not actively working on developing and improving yourself then I promise you are not happy. In fact, you’re probably fairly miserable or at best- mediocre. Do you believe that you were placed on this earth to live a miserable & mediocre life? I hope not…

Understanding ourselves (and those around us), along with developing our strengths & weaknesses is the key to less stress, more peace, harmony and true happiness. It helps improve friendships, relationships & has the potential to improve the quality of your life tenfold. So if you’re feeling ‘blah’ and ‘unmotivated’ I need to ask you when was the last time you dug deep and worked on developing yourself as a human being? 

Self development isn’t all about us… oh no… 

It’s about learning how we can better interact & have quality relationships with other people in our lives too. Even people we don’t always agree with. Learning to accept & understand other people's flaws and differences is key to learning how we can better interact with them and learning what kind of boundaries are needed.

The enneagram is a 40 minute online test you can take, it costs $12.00 (worth every penny) and you simply buy a code online and take the test! It’s important to answer the questions honestly about how you feel right now and not how you want to feel in the future. At the end of the test you will get your results back and it will tell you a number and a type. There are 9 different types and none of them are good or bad, instead each type has a good & bad side since we are all humans after all. Once you discover your “Enneagram Type”, you’ll be able to research, read books, watch YouTube videos & learn all kinds of insanely interesting things about yourself. You’ll be surprised at how accurate the results are if you’re painfully honest when taking the test. 

Once you’ve developed a solid understanding of yourself, you should read and learn about the other types. It’s helpful to have the people closest to you take the test to find out their type as well so you can better understand them, but if they’re not up to taking the test then I’ve found I can generally pinpoint their type based on what I know about them. This is especially helpful for anyone you live with or are very close to. 

I’ve learned so many things from getting to understand my types and behaviors and how other people perceive me. It’s extremely interesting and I guarantee it will have a substantial impact on your life and the relationships in your life. 

So… I’m a solid EIGHT.

Solid eight… Enneagram that is.

Type 8: “The Challenger”

I was actually tied with a type 1 and a type 8 and for a while, I believed I was a 1. I certainly have a lot of traits of the type 1 & so I never really dug into the type 8. It wasn’t until I started learning about the type 8 that I realized I am a SOLID eight for sure, no questions asked. My husband agreed. 

Type 8 is called The Challenger: The Powerful, Dominating Type: Self-Confident, Decisive, Willful, and Confrontational

As I mentioned earlier, there’s pros & cons to all of the Enneagram types, no type is better or worse than the other. 

As a type 8, I love and thrive off of deep, controversial & challenging conversations. I love to learn and hear other people's perspectives (even when they differ from my own). I love to provoke different points of view & challenge other people's opinions and viewpoints. Sometimes, this can put people off who are insecure, sensitive & emotional, so I’ve learned to read people's reactions & responses and learn when to provoke and when to be quiet. 

The truth is I connect best with people that I feel safe enough having deep conversations with. I love to have challenging conversations with people who won't get offended when challenged. Small talk makes me want to puke. I could give a shit less about how your day is going (sorry no sorry) but I want to know how your LIFE is going... 

What gets you excited in the morning? 

Why are you in the type of career you’re in? 

Are you happy doing it? 

Will you keep doing it forever? 

What does your dream life look like? 

Are you living it? 

Why the fuck not?

I thrive off challenging people. It’s because I’m a solid eight. So if being challenged offends you, or makes you feel insecure then I’m sorry but we can’t be friends. Acquaintances, for sure! Kindness and inclusivity are important values to me. I would never intentionally be ‘mean’. But I won’t be able to truly connect without depth. It’s just the eight in me. 

So what’s your Enneagram type? I want to know! Go & take the test and get ready to take yourself, your life & your career to a whole new level…

Here is the link to take the test: https://tests.enneagraminstitute.com/ 

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