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Do you feel stuck? Need help moving forward & taking your life to the next level? Learn from Rebecca, she's someone who has been there and is living proof that the advice she gives has worked for her! She knows exactly what it takes to create the life of your dreams, because she's done it herself. 

"You are your biggest asset & best investment! If you can't afford 1:1 mentoring right now, please go and listen to my podcast or read my blog for FREE advice on how to start living the life of your dreams today! You deserve to start right now. Right where you are!"

-Rebecca Hamilton

Founder + CEO Chick Boss Cake
Founder + CEO Rebecca Hamilton Co.
Podcast Host of Scrap The Sweet Talk

Speaker & Business Leader

Areas of Expertise:

  • Build Confidence

  • Learn To Overcome Road Blocks

  • Grow Your Business

  • Branding Yourself + Your Business

  • How To Start Your Business

  • Creating The Life Of Your Dreams

  • Building a million dollar business

How It Works

  • Place your order online for the 1:1 mentoring call or the package deal for 30% off for 5 calls.

  • We will reach out to arrange a date & time that works for you.

  • I will send you a questionnaire prior to our zoom call so that we know what we're working on prior to the call.

  • Feel free to ask any questions during the call + after (via e-mail)

  • Schedule as many calls as you feel you need to. Absolutely no minimum or maximum on the amount of calls + zero pressure. You know what's best for you!

  • Flexible if you need to reschedule, please provide 24 hour notice.

    I Cannot Wait To Work With You & Help You Create The Life Of Your Dreams!

"Confidence is simply your belief and trust in yours own abilities. It does not mean you have all of the answers for everything, but that you can rely on yourself to figure them out."- Rebecca Hamilton, The Million Dollar Bakery

"Running a business literally feels like you've been chewed up, spit out and booed of stage. Or wait, that's an Eminem song..." -Rebecca Hamilton, The Million Dollar Bakery

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The Book Everyone's Been Talking About...

Founder + CEO Chick Boss Cake | Business leader | Author | Podcast Host | Blogger | World Traveler 

Rebecca Hamilton has created a very successful local bakery business called Chick Boss Cake. It is the #1 bakery & dessert spot that all the locals in Southwestern, Ontario are obsessed with, and it has a massive following of loyal fans.

She's since branched out and created her own personal brand called Rebecca Hamilton Co., to share her unfiltered, self-taught business knowledge with women around the world in the hopes to impact, inspire and empower them to create the life of their dreams. 

She runs both businesses anchored by her core values of gratitude, authenticity, integrity, generosity and kindness. 

Rebecca hosts her own blog and podcast called Scrap the Sweet Talk, where she focuses on sharing her best business and life tips centered around creating the life of your dreams. 

She's passionate about writing, photography, nature, tennis, golf, world travel and spending time with her dogs and husband.


Instagram: @rebeccaatchickbosscake

Phone: 226.970.1932

Mailing Address:

Chick Boss Cake

Attn: Rebecca Hamilton

222 wellington street

London, Ontario

N6B 2L3