How To Land Your Dream Job: The Cold Hard Truth

If you're currently looking for a job or want to land the job of your dreams, this blog is for you! 

I'm going to tell you very specifically what you NEED to do in order to land the job of your dreams (and more importantly what NOT to do)! 

If you've read any of my previous blogs, you know I'm not here to candy-coat anything. If the truth hurts then it's a clear sign you need to work on that area of yourself until it no longer hurts. Besides, landing the job of your dreams requires self awareness, dedication, persistence & consistency. I wouldn't be a very good friend to you if I didn't tell you the cold hard truth...

This is first-hand practical advice that they do not teach you in school... And if I'm being honest, this blog will be the most valuable inside-information you could ever receive! Pay attention, take notes & put it into action! Even DM or send me an e-mail if you need any help or have any questions!

I'm going to break it down for you in different sections to make it easier but first of all, I just have to say this on behalf of businesses & companies everywhere:

A job is a blessing. It is a gift. It is not an obligation. It is an opportunity to add fulfillment to your life & support your family and lifestyle. No one owes you a job. Treat it as such. 

If you think for one second that the company you work for owes you a job then your mentality is all wrong. That would be the first thing you'd want to work on- finding gratitude for your current job. 

Be genuinely thankful for your job- yes, even if it's not the job of your dreams! You can still find gratitude for it (and I highly recommend you do) otherwise you'll never move on to bigger & better things without being appreciative for what you have right now. 

You have no idea how many times I see messages or comments on our job postings where people will say "well I applied & heard nothing back" or "I've applied multiple times & haven't got an interview". Well... I hate to break it to you- "Applying" isn't code word for "You-automatically-get-a-job-simply-because-you-applied". 

Shocking- I know.

Here's a little inside secret- when you 'apply' for a job, you're actually muddled into hundreds (sometimes thousands) of other people who also 'applied' for the same job. Many of whom, may have years more experience than you. They may have a better resume. They may have better availability. If all you do is simply 'apply' you're not going to stand out! And you need to stand out.

You need to stop wasting time on social media complaining about how you 'applied-but-never-got-an-interview' and spend more time figuring out WHY you never got the interview! 

Also, make sure you're researching WHAT the company is actually looking for. Is complaining about not getting the job going to get you a job? No. Take responsibility for the reason why you're not getting any call backs on your resume & take action! If all you did was apply, chances are you didn't even stand out in the hundreds of resumes received. It's absolutely crazy to me the lack of responsibility people take for themselves when it comes to applying for a job, let alone landing the job of your dreams. In today's day & age there's no shortage of resources out there- a simple google search on "how to land the job of my dreams" or "how to get a job" would be helpful. You've got to be persistent, resourceful & relentless in the pursuit of following your dreams & making them happen! Yes, it's so much easier feeling sorry for yourself or lay back & be lazy but look at the (lack of) results you're getting from that! No one cares about your dreams more than you do. Make them happen!

If you're currently employed somewhere that is not your dream job, ask yourself why? Are they just a great company to work for thus making it worth it for you to stay? Maybe you don't even know what your dream job is? These reasons are fine for now while you're figuring it out, but if you're at a job that isn't helping you grow or worse- makes you miserable, then you need to start looking & keep reading...

Mistake #1: When 'Too Much Experience' Is TOO Much Experience.
I've looked over thousands of resumes over the years... Yes the layout & grammar is important, but let me tell you... Nothing is more important than long-term commitment to previous jobs. If you have a laundry list of short-term jobs on your resume, no reputable business is seriously going to consider you. It costs companies thousands of dollars & hours of training a new hire & there's no way in hell they're going to be willing to invest in someone whose had a new job every 6 months. They will assume you're going to leave right after they've invested in your training.

Stop trying to convince yourself that the 'more experience the better' because from an employers perspective- you couldn't be farther from the truth. It shows a lack of dedication & that you treat jobs like they're disposable. Not exactly the impression you want to give anyone you're seeking employment from. 

Go look at your resume right now & if you're guilty of this, it's time to be honest with yourself. Why can't you keep a job? You leave when things get challenging? You get annoyed because your co-worker is a loud chewer? You have a temper tantrum because your vacation doesn't get approved? You get bored? You need to figure out the root cause as to why you can't keep a job & fix it or you'll never get to your dream job! 

A lack of dedication & commitment is a huge red flag for future employers.

Ok, so you're guilty of this but how do you fix this on your resume? There's only one way-  You get an entry level job and you stay there! You put in the time. You stay when things get challenging. You learn to work along side co-workers that drive you nuts. You learn to deal with the boss that doesn't approve your vacation time off. You do the grown up things it takes to get you closer to your goals because nothing worth having comes easy. You break your habit & put in the time and commit to this entry level job for at least a year and a half before you start looking for a different job. Bonus points if you move up within the company & get promoted along the way! 

Mistake #2: Staying At The Same Job Too Long Without Any Growth
The opposite side of this is if you've been with a company for over 10 years (or an extended period of time), it shows you're committed but employers want to see that you've moved up or grown with the company in some way. Being with the same company and not growing can show you're uncomfortable with change & not inspired to grow or learn new things. I would encourage you to work towards other opportunities within the company or take on extra projects and make note of that in your resume. Employers want to know you're flexible and able to adapt to changes & eager to grow. If you haven't grown in 10 years, why would an employer think you'd be able to handle the change & growth of a new job?

Mistake #3: Unexplained Gaps In Your Employment Timeline
Meaning you have periods of time on your resume between jobs where you weren't working. It's totally fine if you took time off to raise your kids or travel the world but it needs to be explained. If it's not explained, it looks like you don't want to work or don't need a job. You have a much better chance at getting a job if you fully explain why you didn't work for the 2 year gap between your previous jobs.

Mistake #4: Speaking Poorly About Previous Employers Or Bosses
Doing this shows that you only focus on the negative in situations & that you don't get along well with others. No one cares that your old boss was the worst. They only care that you handled previous situations with grace & a positive attitude. There will always be people in every single workplace that you don't love including the one you're applying to, so it's important to show you're ability to work along side different management styles & personalities. Plus, chances are your old boss wasn't an entirely horrible person & the fact that you can't find the good in them says a lot more about you as a person than it does about them!  

Mistake #5: Lying
Honesty is always the best policy. The truth always comes out. Plain & simple. My advice is to start living your life in the most honest and ethical way possible & you'll never have anything to worry about. Even the smallest lies will come back to bite you! 

Mistake #6: No Cover Letter
Don't be lazy. If you actually want serious consideration, take the time to write a cover letter. It's your opportunity to sell yourself & your first impression! Simply sending your resume without a cover letter only shows your work history. It doesn't explain your interest for the job, the reason you're the most qualified or the reason they should pick you out of the other hundreds of people! This is the best part of applying for a job & if you don't find it fun then maybe you shouldn't be applying for that job. Having no cover letter shows lack of passion & lack of true interest. Your lone resume doesn't stand a chance in a pile of other resumes with cover letters. 

Mistake #7: You Don't Know Anything About The Company You're Applying To
Ummm... Don't even apply then! Why do you even want to work somewhere that you know nothing about? If you don't know their culture or values or what they stand for how do you even know you want to be apart of that? When you don't know anything about the company you're applying for, it's a deeper issue than just that. You should work on having a higher standard for yourself than just applying to any old job. Even entry level jobs should be ones you're interested in... If you love coffee work at Tim Hortons or Starbucks! You need to be interested in the company you're working for in order to sell yourself or be happy there. Do your research on the company, check their website & socials. It's even better if you apply somewhere you don't have to research because you're a customer & know their business and already know everything about it. True passion always outshines the average candidate!

Mistake #8: You Come With Too Many Limitations
Sorry, but if I don't even know you yet & you come with several limitations to the shifts you can work, your availability and your need for weekends off... It's not a good first impression. It comes across as entitled when you come into a new job with several limitations & to be honest you sound like a handful. When an employer is comparing you to other qualified candidates this will certainly be a deal breaker more times than not. No one wants to hire someone who is lacking flexibility. It makes the managers job more difficult & to be honest, someone else will gladly step up & do everything you're not willing to. 

Mistake #9: You Apply & Then Do Nothing
As mentioned earlier, 'applying' is not code word for 'getting the job'. Employers are not obligated to hire you. So now that we understand that, there is nothing worse than putting in the effort to write your cover letter & apply for a job and then... Nothing. You don't hear a darn thing. Why? Because you literally just applied & did nothing. There's SO many things you can do to stand out. Go speak directly to the hiring manager, or better yet the CEO, introduce yourself & show how enthusiastic and passionate you are about the business. Offer to volunteer a couple of shifts so they can see how awesome you are. Nothing shows confidence & true dedication like showing up and taking action to get what you want. After meeting them in person, call them in a couple days to follow up and thank them for their time. Send them a hand written 'thank you' note for taking the time to meet you. Simple things like that will go a lonnnnnng way & you'll definitely stand out. If you still don't get an interview, call and ask why? Ask them what you can specifically do in the meantime so that they might consider you for the position in the future & go and do exactly what they say! Then re-apply & be persistent. Show them you'll do whatever it takes & you're the most passionate & skilled person for this role!

If you want to land the job of your dreams you have to sell yourself & prove it! Be willing to do whatever tasks are asked of you with the best attitude possible. Act like you own the darn place (in a confident not entitled way) and take charge! You can make the best of any job with the right attitude, proper work ethic & drive. If you want to be successful & land the job of your dreams, it starts with where you are right now. Stop being average at your current job! Step it up, get noticed & if you do it right, you'll end up with a new promotion before you know it or at the very least a raving referral towards landing your dream job! Hard work always pays off. 

Remember, no matter where you're at now... You're in full control of these two things: your effort level & your attitude!  

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